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Eagleman 70.3

Thanks for the great pictures Dave!

off to the races
felt like I was off to my first day of school 

getting ready to hop in the Choptank

best supporters ever

thanks to Hurricane Andrea, which came through 
before race day, transition was a tad bit muddy!

post-race crab feast
Best homestay ever!
Dave showing us the proper way to eat Maryland crab

St. George

The running trails-can you blame me for getting lost?

A little re-fueling for the ride home!


What more do you need in life?

Beautiful but cold!  Perfect for a post-ride ice bath


Texas 70.3

Moody Gardens

Swim start-none of us wanted to get in!



Always happy to see this on race day!

Proud dad


These are the sacrifices I have make

 when traveling with dad

Lifesport Camp-Maui

One of the rare days you could see the top of Haleakala

Whale watching!

Momma and her baby

I only caught the splash but you tell it was BIG jump!


West Maui mountains-beautiful

View from the West Maui Hill Ride

Banana Bread!

View from the track


Can't go to Hawaii without seeing at least ONE rainbow!