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Athletic Background

When I was 10years old, my dad entered me in the 1500m and 800m track events at the Keystone State Games in Pennsylvania. I remember going out after school to do intervals with my dad while he stood and timed me. Training was so much simpler back when I was young-train one day, your faster the next! Anyway, I was really only running to stay in shape for soccer which was my true passion at the time. In high school, my family moved to a small town in Upstate NY with no girls' soccer team. I wasn't quite brave enough to join the boys' team so I took up cross-country. I loved it and did well. I met a friend who was a bike racer so I also did some bike racing during my summers.

After high school, I got recruited to run at Bucknell University which had a D1 running program. Running was hard core at Bucknell. Coach forbade us to participate in any other sports, even during the summers, so there was no chance for me to do any more cycling. I do remember my roommate and I (she was on the cross-country team too) sneaking out to do some rollerblading (it was the 90's, c'mon!). We were scared to death Coach was going to find out but did it anyway. He had crazy ways of finding out everything!

After I graduated and 4 years of intense training and racing, I was pretty burned out. One year later and the start of physical therapy school got me really missing running. I needed some stress relief and to shed a few pounds. Somehow I stumbled across a sprint triathlon and it sounded fun. I was looking forward to getting back on my bike but swimming was a bit of a concern. I had never done any swimming but I was still young and naïve enough to think I could do anything. After an extremely pitiful swim on race day (I swear I was one of the last people out of the water), the rest of race was a blast. I was hooked. I missed the competition and being active. Triathlon was the perfect outlet. Over the years, I managed to work my way up through the amateur ranks and here I am racing as PROFESSIONAL TRIATHLETE!

Everything you wanted to know about me

Born: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Where I live: Delaware

Cat: Nikita

Childhood Ambition: Go to the Olympics

Fondest moment: Living and working in London after physical therapy school

Proudest Moment: Finishing 3rd at Florida 70.3 2011, my first real success as a pro

Indulgences: Wine, shopping

Favorite food: Pasta, sushi

Time my alarm clock goes off: as late as possible, I hate mornings!

Favorite movie: Bond movies, all of them!

Current transportation: Volkswagen Jetta

My biggest character flaw: being late