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Coaching Services

  • individualized and detailed training programs done on
  • testing and analysis to determine proper training zones
  • feedback on key workouts
  • initial meeting (in-person to local athletes, phone/Skype to non-local athletes) to discuss goals, race schedule, athletic background, etc.
  • pre-race and post-race phone call/email for A races to develop race day strategy and review race details
  • unlimited adjustments to training schedule to adapt for changes in athlete's schedule
  • unlimited email communication
  • advice on race day, recovery, and training nutrition
  • one-on-one sessions (swim technique, run technique, bike skills)







My background in sports started at the age of 10 when I began running. I went on to compete at Bucknell University on their division 1 cross-country and track and field teams. After college, with my desire to compete still high, I took up the sport of triathlon. In 2009, I turned professional. I continue to race around the world, competing in all distances but focusing on the 70.3 distance. In 2011, I finished 3rd place at Florida 70.3 and Rhode Island 70.3; I also qualified for the 70.3 Ironman World Championships.

My passion for sport and my own experiences with training and racing inspired me to take up coaching. When I started in the sport of triathlon, it was a fairly new sport and there were not many mentors or coaches to consult for advice. I was forced to learn a lot of the basics of the sport on my own, and it took me a long time to progress through the ranks. This experience, as well as my passion for sport, led me to become a coach so I could help others learn the sport and improve their abilities.

I am is a licensed and practicing physical therapist and a USAT Level 1 certified coach. I have been working as a physical therapist since 1999 and coaching since 2005. I enjoy the opportunity to be specific and individualized with my training plans. My background in the science field allows me to understand and navigate new research and apply it appropriately to my athletes' training. I believe in training my athletes in a smart and focused manner to enable them to achieve their goals. My athletes' successes have varied including qualifying and competing in the Boston Marathon, Ironman 70.3 World Championships, USAT Age Group National Triathlon and Duathlon Championships, and competing in various Ironman events.



"I'm not writing this as Heather husband but as someone who has trained with her for almost 10 years. When I met Heather I was obese and lethargic and unable to run for more than 10 minutes. Heather’s coaching has not only given me the tools to turn my life around but also the confidence and motivation crucial for any athlete to be successful. Since I started training with her I have gone from hoping to not finish last in every race I entered to competing for age group and overall honors. I'm lucky to not only benefit from Heather’s experience in triathlon but also from her motivation and success. My improvement and physical changes can be 100% attributed to Heather’s coaching."


Before and After (Same race one year later)


"I think some of the great things about Heather as a coach boil down to the following, she listens to her athletes, understands what they want/need and helps keep them on the track with their personal goals.  She is very knowledgeable and loves to share helpful information and perspective.  I have been working with Heather for almost 4 years and she has helped me have great success.  She keeps me focused on the long term goals while appeasing my short term desires.

I believe there is a lot of triathlon related information out there and it can be hard to decide what is best for you as an individual.  Heather helps keep athlete's focused on what their personal plan is and what is best for them as an athlete and competitor   I have asked the same questions, in different ways, numerous times and she is patient in offering responses to these redundant questions. 

I have to say, that I trust her completely and I have come to realize that both trusting and buying into what you are doing is a major key to success.  I have read a lot about the history of triathlon and some of the great coaches that have taken athlete's to great levels of success, and I believe Heather possess a lot of these same qualities.  She has taught me so much, especially about myself as an athlete. "


"Having Heather as my coach as been nothing less than amazing. In the short time we've partnered together she has taken me from an injury prone, unskilled dreamer to a healthy, fit athlete who has either gotten a new personal record or a podium spot in each race. Her training plan has worked wonders, building up not only my fitness and making me competitive, but the side effect of a huge boost in self esteem can't be over looked either. 

Heather takes a very personalized approach to each persons training plan. She understand that life happens and things get in the way. Not to mention the added awesomeness of benefiting from her experience as a Professional Triathlete. She's not only a coach, she's also a mentor who takes the time to understand not only my challenges, but my strengths, weaknesses and my long range goals. 

If you're looking for coach who cares and wants the best for you, Heather is your coach."


"My experiences with Heather Leiggi as my coach were exemplary. I took her on in 2011 to help me complete my first Ironman triathlon and was coach by her for two years. When I started with Heather I was already a seasoned triathlete, but under Heather I raced two perfect seasons! During that time I either PR'd or stood on the podium for every race I competed. I found her program to be challenging, but not daunting. She always had high standards, but I never felt overworked. I also found her to be very responsive as well. She was always encouraging, answered questions quickly and focused on my personal goals. Some accomplishments I achieved under Heather include:

March 2011- Hat 50K- PR by 35'

April 2011- Boston Marathon- PR by 3'

May 2011- Doylestown Duathlon- 3rd Female Overall

September 2011- Chesapeakeman Ironman Distance Triathlon- 11:36 finishing time and 3rd in my AG

April, May & August 2012- 3 Sprint Triathlons with three 1st in AG awards.

September 2012- Diamondman Half Ironman- PR by 27'

I have recommended Heather time and time again to my friends because I feel she personally invests in her athletes and does everything she can to help them achieve."


"I started working with Heather 3 years ago when I was preparing to compete in my second Ironman race in Lake Placid. As a busy working mother of two, I don't have as much time as I would like to train and I asked Heather if I could get faster knowing training could not be my top priority. She was emphatically positive in her response and has been ever since. My previous time was 14:56, my first year with Heather my goal was to finish in under 14 hours, my time was 13:19!! Heather has been incredibly helpful in all aspects of training- speed, endurance and nutrition.I have remained injury free while finishing 2 ironman races, many half ironman distance races, multiple endurance adventure races and am training for my 2nd 50K trail race. Heather has a calm and positive approach that makes me feel relaxed about training and racing instead of anxious. While I may not be the most technologically savvy racer out there, and I may miss training sessions because of work or my family, at the end of the day I do my best, and Heather is supportive of whatever that is. She has been a really wonderful coach for me, and I will continue to recommend her!!"